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System-Alpenluft AG

The company System-Alpenluft AG

System-Alpenluft AG stands for sustainable and economical waste management.


System-Alpenluft AG assists their customers in the optimisation of community service and logistics processes. In so doing, System-Alpenluft AG works in a target-oriented and practical way towards at least guaranteeing the quality of services and processes and, wherever possible, to reduce cost at the same time and to improve cost-effectiveness.


System-Alpenluft AG helps customers to develop practical solutions to challenging or complex problems.


In addition, System-Alpenluft AG provides support in the procurement
of machines and tools. This frequently involves evaluating long-term investments to draw up solution-oriented and cost-effective proposals.


System-Alpenluft AG can also provide customers with the necessary expertise and experience to help with the reorganisation required to introduce new processes and services.


Furthermore, System-Alpenluft AG is developer and holder of the patent for the emission-free waste management system "Wasteloop".

Development & postal address

System-Alpenluft AG
sustainable and economical
waste management

Bernstrasse 5
Postfach 590
CH-3053 Münchenbuchsee

Telephone +41 (0)32 341 10 00

Business address

System-Alpenluft AG
sustainable and economical waste management

Brantschenhaus 10
CH-3920 Zermatt