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Zermatt relies on "Wasteloop"

In 2010, the car-free municipality of Zermatt, Switzerland put out to public tender a new contract for the complete disposal and recycling of its waste. As a car-free tourist destination, Zermatt was particularly interested in a sustainable, clean and economical solution. Applicants were given clearly prescribed framework conditions and goals. Based on a situational analysis, System-Alpenluft AG, a specialist in municipal infrastructures and development, designed a concept specifically for Zermatt on behalf of Schwendimann AG, based in Münchenbuchsee.


The offer, with its "Wasteloop with rail loading” option, submitted by Schwendimann AG, Münchenbuchsee, was the one favoured by the municipal council. On 15th December 2010, one day after the original meeting held to discuss renewed outsourcing, the bid from Schwendimann AG was accepted. Not without reason: the advantages offered by "Wasteloop" over common disposal and recycling solutions are equally convincing in the example of Zermatt. Here are some of the facts and figures:


  • A saving of at least 160 tonnes of CO2 per year compared with the previous solution.
  • Installation of a system that will also be able to deliver innumerable standardised solutions in the future.
  • Use of quiet and manoeuvrable vehicles: i.e. lowest noise emissions
  • Use of closed over- and underground container systems: no odour emissions and a visually attractive solution in an aesthetically demanding environment (mountain landscape).
  • An ecologically sustainable and inexpensive solution.
  • This makes Zermatt the first Alpine destination to have a virtually emission-free waste disposal system, in turn promoting a very positive image for the town.


"Wasteloop" – sustainable and economical waste management