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"Wasteloop" by System-Alpenluft – a waste management system that sets new standards!

"Wasteloop" is a complete disposal and recycling system that sets a new standard in terms of economic and ecological efficiency – one that is far ahead of conventional systems.


"Wasteloop" offers communities and businesses a comprehensive waste disposal and recycling system. In concrete terms: "Wasteloop" collects and processes all types of waste and returns them to the cycle of materials.


"Wasteloop" is based on the following components and advantages:


  • Management of household and commercial waste.
  • Use of electrical vehicles with no exhaust gas and low noise emissions.
  • Reduction in CO2-emission by almost 100% and a decrease in energy costs of up to 80% as compared with conventional systems.
  • Use of efficient and low-noise compactors.
  • Use of the most modern technology based on standardised modules, enabling inexpensive production of machines and tools.
  • A system with fixed collection sites for round-the-clock waste disposal
  • Because noise emissions are low, container disposal is possible through the night, which relieves pressure on daily traffic.
  • Depending on the situation and the space available, high aesthetic standards with respect to the appearance of the locality can be satisfied by choosing either over- or underground containers. Continued operation of existing waste management centres is ensured by switching them to the "Wasteloop".
  • A highly flexible system, which can be adapted to suit specific local conditions.


"Wasteloop" is particularly suitable for communes and companies with growing requirements as regards sustainability, rising costs and public concerns for the aesthetics of their localities and environmental protection. It is also perfect for local authorities due to retender their waste disposal and recycling contract in the near future, as it offers them the chance to opt for a system which represents a genuine developmental leap forward.

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