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Technical information

Technical information.

"Wasteloop" offers comprehensive waste disposal and recycling services based on the most modern, high-performance and best-price technology. The following examples show how the modules of "Wasteloop" meet specific requirements, when handling various waste materials:


  1. Module 0
  2. Module 1
  3. Module 2
  4. Module 3
  5. Module 4

Side-loading forklift truck – Module 0

The side-loading forklift truck is "Wasteloop's" basic module. It picks up, transports and positions all the different kinds of modules on the destination place.

Length = 5.00m, Width = 2.20m, Height = 2.85m, Load capacity = 6t

Screw compactor – Module 1

The screw compactor is available in three sizes: S (2.5m length), M (3.5m length) and L (5m length) and offers capacities up to 3 tons of waste. It can be placed over- or underground.

Application: domestic waste, cardboard, paper, plastic bottles

Building rubble and bulky goods skips – Module 2

Building rubble and bulky goods skips can be orderes in two different sizes (5m³ and 10m³) as well as in different designs (open or closed).

Application: building rubble, bulky goods, paper, cardboard, glass, wood...

Platform for individually packed goods and liquids – Module 3

With 500 liter collecting tray this platform is not only suited for liquids like used oil, cooking oil or dissolver but also for individually packed goods. The platform can be charged by a hand pallet truck.

Application: liquids, individually packed goods.

Platform for individual applications – Module 4

The platform can be used, for example, as a mobile "brings!" collection point. A concept for dispose nearly all kinds of wastes and recyclable fractions.

Application: aluminium and tinplate cans, batteries, electronic devices, metals, plastic bottles, coffee capsules, used clothes...

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